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Social Democracy Foundation

SODEV has been founded in 1994 by more than 100 people aiming at development and propagation of the social democratic “ideal”.

Until today, SODEV organized about 500 activities such as meetings, conferences, workshops, symposiums, etc.
It is of a great importance for SODEV to cooperate with similar NGO's for democracy and peace. In this respect, SODEV founded "the Social democracy school" in collaboration with TÜSES, which is a social democratic research institution.

Since the foundation pays special attention to establishing contact and granting solidarity with young people, special seminars for them are organized. SODEV has also granted scholarships for young students until 2005.  

45 books and booklets have been published up today as "SODEV-publications". The "social democracy library" contains more than 5000 special books, booklets and documents. 
Meetings and debate forums

This is the main field of activity of the foundation. SODEV organises meetings, once a week in average, on its own account or in cooperation with its partners. The subject to be treated and the shape of the activity depend on the national and international conjoncture and the fund allocated for the purpose. Twice a year “weekend seminars” are organized in order to reach among members a common view and terminology concerning main issues. These meetings, conferences, workshops, symposiums are essentially directed to Turkish public opinion, but may include also foreign participation.


SODEV publishes some of the organized debates in order to bring them to the acknowledge of the public opinion. Books are written by specialists and published by SODEV, in relation with crucial issues, such as “political system: presidential / parliamentary system”, principal topic of discussion of the year 2007. Books of some remarkable authors, Thomas Meyer for example,  are translated into turkish for a better understanding of the contemporary social democracy.

As already underlined above, SODEV pays special attention to young people and tries to grant solidarity with them. But, no scholarship can be given since 2005, due to financial difficulties.
In conformity with its vision regarding young people, SODEV has constituted a youth-group. This group is open to all young constituencies having social democratic oriented political sensibilities.
This group organizes internal meetings and participates in international meetings. Find below some of the activities organized for/by this group and some of its participations during last 5 years:
2001 Summer Camp (İzmir)
2002 Winter Camp (Bolu Aladaglar)
2002 Summer Camp (Assos)
2002 IUSY Summer University, Balkan Round Table Meeting (Bulgaria)
2003 Winter Camp (Eskisehir)
2003 Summer Camp (Assos)
2003 Our Common Future Meeting (Greece)
2003 IUSY Festival (Greece)
2004 ECOSY Summer Festival, IUSY Balkan Round Table Meeting (Romania)
2004 Winter Camp (Yalova)
2005 Winter Camp (Bolu Aladaglar)
2005 IUSY Festival (Portugal)
And in 2006
January The 4. preparatory meeting of the ESP, Vienna
February Winter Camp, Dardanels
March Training seminars, Bolu
April ESP, Athens
April Meetingseries, Istanbul
June          IUSY İstanbul-meeting
July ECOSY Festival, Alicante
September Summer Camp, Burhaniye
October Workshops for establishment of a “youth-trade union”, Istanbul
December Start of the campaign “Everyone different everyone equal”, İstanbul
December “Gepgenç Festival” in Bilgi University, İstanbul
Special bodies

An advisory group has been formed within SODEV for debating about “civil society, NGO’s” in general and for suggesting SODEV’s global orientations. An other special committee is the jury which determines candidates for SODEV-prize. In this respect, the 2 last SODEV-prizes have been given to Prof. Saylan (in 2005) for her efforts concerning scholarization of young girls in Southeastern Anatolia and to KAMER (in 2006), an NGO protecting women from violence in the eastern and southeastern regions of Turkey.
Partnerships / cooperating institutions
SODEV had the privilege to cooperate with following valuable national / local partners within last 5 years:
 Center for Turkey studies
 DİSK (Trade union confederation)
 EU-Representation in Ankara
 FES - Freidrich Ebert Foundation – Representation in Turkey
 Union of Voluntary Associations
 HDF (Federation of Turkish Social Democratic Associations in Europe)
 Heinrich Böll Foundation – Representation in Turkey
 Kadıköy Municipality
 STKB (Union of NGO’s)
 Küresel BAK-Turkey (Global Peace and Justice Coalition)
 TESAV (Turkish Foundation for Economic and Social Research)
 TÜRSAK (Turkish Foundation of Cinema and Audiovisual Culture)
 TÜSES (Turkish Foundation for Social, Economic and Political Research Foundation)
 TÜYAP (Book Exhibitions Organisation)
SODEV has been actively working within the umbrella organisation SDI (Social Democratic Cooperation), which is established together with TUSES, DCP, SDD and other social democratic oriented NGO’s.  
Social democracy school

Since 2001, SODEV organizes, in collaboration with TÜSES, a social democracy school. The program consists of 14 lessons comprising nearly all aspects of the social democratic vision. The lecturers are reputed academicians and politicians. The program takes place in Bilgi University. A certificate is delivered to those having participated in the program.  


A specialized library has been established in SODEV's central building, Today, more than 5000 books, booklets, brochures are available for researchers and students. Programs, reports etc. of political parties with social democratic identity such as CHP, SODEP, HP, SHP are available as well. 

 International relations
Contacts have been established with European institutions having similar orientation. SODEV became during last years an appreciated partner for European politicians and civil institutions. In this respect, representatives of SODEV are invited to PES-meetings. Eminent politicians, such as those of the HLAG and members of EU Parliament consult SODEV in frame of their Turkey-visits.
Many European NGOs have cooperated / are cooperating with SODEV. Some of them invited SODEV’s chairpersons to their meetings. Among them we may mention Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Fondation Jean Jaurès, Olof Palme Center, Alfred Mozer Stichtig, Italienieuropei, ISTAME, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, etc.
SODEV has been / is executing projects supported by the EU Commission Delegation to Turkey, These are mainly projects aiming at strenghtening the NGOs democratic participation level or/and at consolidating and promoting human rights, etc. One of them has already been successfully accomplished in 2006; one other project is starting from January 2007 and a third one is preselected for April 2007.   

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